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At Flamingo Spa you can try out different kinds of sports!

At Flamingo Spa we offer a wide selection of different water based group sport lessons. You can also try a sauna yoga and open your muscles in the warmth of one of our saunas.

From our calendar you can find all the different sports we offer. You should also check out our offering for independent water sports! Currently the reservation is only available in Finnish. So if you need any help, please contact our sales service.

Group lessons at the Waterpark

Enjoy the joy of exercise in the warm waters of the Waterpark. You can attend our group lessons with just 10 €. Currently all courses are held in Finnish and also the booking is only available in Finnish language.

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Sports included in the ticket price

You can also do a lot of sports by yourself! Try virtual water workout at the Waterpark, saunayoga or water relaxation at the Adult spa area. These all are included to the entrance ticket price.

During the weekdays we organize gentle water exercise every morning from 10.30am to 11am. You are also welcome to water run in our deep jump pool from 10am to 12pm. These are all included in your entrance ticket.

Hydrohex is a combination of cutting-edge technology and refreshing fitness content. The workout app operates on a remote control and allows for effective and fun pool workouts anytime. Choose a workout, follow the instructions, and enjoy! The Hydrohex software is available at the Waterpark Sports pool every day.

(photo: Hydrohex)

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Swim schools

It’s nice to learn how to swim at Flamingo Spa because the water and the air are always +32!

We organize swim schools for children and for adults. All our swim lessons are held in Finnish.

If you need teaching in English, private lessons are the right option for your needs. Please ask more details from our swim school instructor.

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Be the mermaid of your life

In mermaid swim school you learn to swim with the tail that is a combination of a monofin and the suit. Mermaid swimming happens mostly under water.

In the children’s mermaid swim school all the fun happens under water! You can find treasures, dive through a hoop and go on an underwater adventure like real mermaids do. Therefore, a child must be able to swim 25 meters by themselves and be at least 140 cm tall.

Mermaid swimming is also perfect for birthday parties and other leisure time groups! We also organize this for adult groups.

Come and find your inner mermaid!

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