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At Flamingo Spa you can try out different kinds of sports!

At Flamingo Spa we offer a wide selection of different water based group sport lessons. You can also book yourself a sauna yoga and open your muscles in the warmth of one of our saunas.

From our calendar you can find all the different sports we offer. You should also check out our offering for independent water sports!

Group lessons

You can attend our group lessons with just 10€ or when you buy entrance ticket lesson is free.

During the weekdays we organize gentle water exercise every morning from 10.30am to 11am. You are also welcome to water run in our deep jump pool from 10am to 12pm. These are all included in yout ticket.

Hydrohex in the waterpark and the relaxation sauna in our sauna and treatment centre for adults are also included in the ticket.

(picture Hydrohex)


New! Aqua Zumba

Aqua Zumba is a hydrobic type “pool party” -lesson. The workout consists of easy dance moves. In this workout you party and have fun while you are getting a whole body workout.

This lesson has many different kinds of music: merenque, salsa, reaggaeton, bhangra and hip hop. Even thought this workout is very upbeat, it is suitable for all ages and stages. Youcan follow the rhytmn and the movements at your own pace.

You can attend our group lessons with just 10€ or when you buy entrance ticket lesson is free.

This 45 minute lesson is instructed by Jouni Ilonen.



Aqua-cycling is a indoor cycling class format that takes place in a pool.  Attendees get on stationary bikes that are submerged in the water, and they’re required to pedal against the resistance of the water. Water-based training sessions have proven to be effective for many types of exercisers, particularly those with limited mobility or recovering from injury.

Please reserve 15 miutes extra time before the class to adjust the Hydrorider-bike. You must wear a swimsuit to attend this class. You get shoes and gloves from us.

This class takes 35 minutes. Maximum capacity is 10 people. Book your spot in advance! Price is 10€.


Pool boxing

Pool boxing is fun and a unique sport. It increases the blood flow in your upper back and shoulder area. Therefore, it prevents tension in that area.

The workout consists of diverse movements for the whole body. A floating medium hard ball is used as a boxing sack. You must wear a swimsuit for this exercise. The instructor will give you gloves.

The lesson lasts for 35 minutes. Maximum capacity for this lesson is 10 people. Book your spot in advance from our sports calendar. Price: 10€.


Sauna yoga

In sauna yoga you combine the peaceness and warmth of a finnish sauna and effective but gentle yoga stretches.

This lesson is being held in one of our saunas at sauna in the sauna and treatment centre for adults area. The heat is from 42 to 45 degrees celcius. This lesson is suitable for anyone over 18.

You must wear a swimsuit to attend. Remember to bring your own water bottle. We will provide you with a small towel and a seat cover.

This lesson lasts for 30 minutes. Maximum capacity is 10 people. Book your spot in advance. Price is 10€.


Swim schools and mermaid swimming

It’s nice to learn how to swim at Flamingo Spa because the water and the air are always +32!

We organize swim schools for children and for adults. Our newest being the little flamingo swim school for 3 to 4 year olds.

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Mermaid swimming

Merenneitouinti Flamingo Spa

In mermaid swim school you learn to swim with the tail that is a combination of a monofin and the suit. Mermaid swimming happens mostly under water.

In the children’s mermaid swim school all the fun happens under water! You can find treasures, dive through a hoop and go on an underwater adventure like real mermaids do. Therefore, a child must be able to swim 25 meters by themselves and be at least 140 cm tall.

The price includes the rent of the monofin and the suit. In case you want to make the experience more pleasant, please bring a nose clip with you. The pool is 130 cm deep.

Mermaid swimming is also perfect for birthday parties and other leisure time groups! We also organize this for adult groups.

We arrange separate courses in the fall and in the spring. See the prices and find your inner mermaid!

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Swim school for 5 to 6 years old


Swim scools for schoolers

Lasten uimakoulu Flamingo Spa


Little Flamingo swim school

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