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Experience Water park

There is plenty for the whole family to do at the water park. The smallest pool is located a little apart from the other pools. The children’s pool is the ideal playground for the smallest one in the family that are getting used to the water.

Larger water predators can try slides, jumps and upstream. However, please be aware of age limits and the fact that a child under 10 years of age should be under the watchful eye of an adult at all times.

You can do water sportts in the water park both independently and with the guidance of our trainers. Exercise is suitable for all levels of enthusiasts. The only constraint is the ability to swim and the sufficient length to reach the bottom of the pool.

Joyful water play

For the youngest ones in the family we have a great warm water pool with two slides and plastic toys to play with. With small babies you can also swim in the big pools. Water in our pools is good for all swimmers.

We organize swimming schools regularly for toddlers and schoolers. Little Flamingo swimming school is our newest one and in the beginning of the year 2020 we will organize our first baby swimming lessons. All the lessons are held in Finnish. Read more here

Flamingo Spas’ warm, summery atmosphere offers a great surrounding for water sports! From our sport and course calendar you can find not only water boxing but also sauna yoga. Please reserve your spot in advance!

Self done sports can be done everyday in our sport pool with Hydrohex! You can find multiple different workouts for the whole body. Hydrohex is free of charge.

All our other sports lessons are held in Finnish.

Read more and book

Picture: Hydrohex

A varied program also on weekdays

Our weekday mornings start with a gentle water sports which is included in the entrance ticket.

Our deep water pool is also reserved for water running from 10am to 12pm. Excl. holidays.

Enjoy the pools and slides together and individually

Children that are able to swim on their own and are over the age of 10 can swim in the water park by themselves. Children under 10 years old must have an 18 year old adult with them at all times.

You can find a lot of fun activities in the water park! Try out our pools, jump tower and a Wibit course!

You can find all this and more in the water park