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You are welcome to be pampered at our Adult Spa!

There are eight different saunas, mineral water pool, hot water pool and a new cold water pool. You will feel a unique atmosphere at the Adult Spa area.

During the weekdays you will find a wonderful oasis in the adult spa where your mind is rested and your everyday life is forgotten. During the weekends the atmosphere is more outgoing.

NEW: Laituri

A new Laituri area has been opened to the Adult Spa. Here you can sense a soft heat in the glass-walled sauna. After that feel free to dip in to magical cold water pool.

The Laituri area can also be booked for private events. Ask more via email

Relax together or by yourself

Take a moment for yourself or go out with your spouse to spend quality time together.

Try different saunas, enjoy your time in the pools and gracefully switch between rooms and moods. Also ask for treatment recommendations on site.

Saunas Pools

Relax in the shallow +37 degrees celcius hot water pool

In the hot water pool you can spend quality time chatting with your friends or drinking champagne or you can just enjoy it by yourself. Step in to the pool and enjoy!

On the heated beds located next to the pool you can relax, close your eyes and let your mind flow free.

Tutustu Lämminvesialtaaseen

Mixing traditional and exotics styles

In the adult spa, you will find eight different saunas, each of which is different. Try the steamy sauna of the traditional Finnish sauna and go from there to the gentle warmth of the wellness sauna and enjoy the atmosphere or have a yoga moment. Enjoy the different aromas of the steam baths and spend a moment in the salt sauna. After the traditional sauna, you can refresh your mind and body with a bucket of cold milling water.

Versatile Wellness sauna

In addition to our weekly sauna yoga lessons in the wellness sauna you can try virtual sauna yoga and sauna stretching. Remember to bring your own towel and water bottle.

Sweat breaks easily and drinking is important when doing a stretching exercise at +45 degrees. There are a number of alternative programs, from light neck stretching to light enjoyment programs for the back and overall wellness.

Tutustu Hyvän Olon saunaan

Enjoy the soothing effect of water

Sit in the hot water pool enjoying drinks or sensing the environment or float in a mineral pool while listening to underwater music. Finish your spa moment with a relaxing massage on the jacuzzi beds.

Enjoy the serene relaxing atmosphere of the treatment world

In the adult spa world, you will find not only pools and saunas, but also a wonderful world of pampering with a variety of treatments.

You can book pampering treatments, both individually and for groups, from the treatment world. Treatment rooms can also be booked for your own use. Popular ones are the new large steam bath, hay steam bath and Rasul mud bath.

Read more and book

Take time for yourself

Individual treatments take place in the treatment world where the zen atmosphere takes your thoughts elsewhere. Silence and peace make the haste disappear.

You can also book an appointment for individual treatments without having to go to the pool and sauna area.

Enjoyment in all senses

Sense the unhurried silence of everyday life or the cozy atmosphere of the weekend. Enjoy treatments, good food and being together. Sit in the pool or on the hotbed with your own thoughts. Grab a refreshing smoothie or mocktail. Spend time in our saunas, everyone is wonderfully different.