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Rules and general information

We have listed below all the information you should know before your visit to Flamingo Spa. In case you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service



Age limit

Children under 10 years old and aren’t able to swim have to have an 18 year old adult with them at all times. Children below the age of 3 get in for free with a paying adult. We recommend that there is one adult all the time with one children whom are not able to swim.

Adult spa area is for 18 years old and older.

Towels, bathrobes and slippers

Entrance ticket doesn’t include a towel or a bathrobe. You can bring your own towel, bathrobe and slippers to Flamingo Spa. You can also rent them from our reception. Please ask the rental free from our reception or from our sales service When you come for a treatment you will receive a rental bathrobe free of charge from our reception.

Health and safety instructions for waterpark customers

You must take special care when using the pools, slides, and other water activities. You must also obey the instructions given and the instructions given by the pool staff. Running in the Flamingo Spa is forbidden. There is camera surveillance in the pool area. We recommend that for every child who´s not able to swim there should be one adult who knows how to swim.

Caution for customers using the water slides

A water slide is a type of device in which its user takes the risk of potential damage when using or lowering the slide incorrectly. The landing speed is influenced by the size of the user and the landing position. We are not responsible for broken swimwear.


You must wear a swimsuit at all times. There is no admittance in regular clothes for hygienic reasons. Swimming trunks/shorts are allowed at Flamingo Spa. You can also rent a swimsuit from our reception with 10 euros. We don’t guarantee the availability of all sizes.

A child under 3 years old has to wear a swimming diaper. You can buy them from our reception for 2 euros. Please note that a swimming diaper is not a swimsuit. You have to put a swimsuit on top of the diaper.

Changing rooms and saunas

We have separated our changing rooms by gender (male or female). In these locker rooms you can find showers and saunas. Flamingo Spa is not responsible for anything left on the premises. Please lock all your belongings in your own personal locker. Children over the age of 8 are directed to locker rooms by gender. Our reception or lifeguards can provide assistance if needed.

Please shower before entering the pool area.

Payment options

In addition to the card and cash, we also accept Smartum vouchers, Virike vouchers, tyky vouchers, Smartum charge card, Edenred charge card, ticket mind & body card, saldo Smartum, edenred online, tyky online, e-passi and Eazybreak. With the employer given benefits mentioned above you can pay for your own admission ticket to Flamingo Spa and also pay for a fee to attend water sports. It is a staff benefit that is personalized to the beneficiary. You can’t buy a gift voucher, but you can buy admission tickets at our main reception, which are valid for half a year. The benefit cannot be used to pay for sports or admission for children or other family members. Beneficiary’s own share from a family ticket can be paid with the benefit.

Electronic wristbands

We use electronic wristbands in our facilities. The wristband gives you access through our gates at our reception. You can also use it to lock and open your locker. It is possible to open a credit or load some money on the bracelet for paying at our Spa Cafe. Please ask more information about this from our reception.

Remember to take good care of it – in case of a lost wristband we charge a 50€ fee.

Food and drinks

You are not allowed to bring your own food or drinks in to our facilities. Eating takes place only at our Spa Cafe area. Breaking the rules may result in removal from the area.

Special prices – Etuhinta

Our special prices – etuhinta is for seniors over 60 yo, pensioners and students. Its also for unemployed and conscripts. All of these people can purchase the special price ticket Monday to Thursday from 10am to 3pm at our reception. Please be ready to prove us that you are justified for this discount.

Filming in the spa

Although our spaces are unique and very photogenic, we ask to leave mobile phones in locked lockers. Photography in the spa is only allowed with the permission of the staff.


Person who needs assistance

A personal assistant is for someone who is physically or mentally impaired, autistic, has undeveloped hearing or sight. A personal assistant gets in free of charge with the person they need to assist. Please note, that you can’t bring any of your own equipment in to our facilities because of hygienic reasons. We do offer a range of wheelchairs and other devices. You can reserve them here by e-mail or by calling to our customer service +358207785201.

Smoking and alcohol

Flamingo Spa is a non-smoking area. The use of electronic cigarettes is also prohibited.

It is strictly forbidden to bring your own alcohol beverages in to our facilities. Disruptive behavior and being under the influence of drugs and medication will result in removing. We serve alcohol only in the assigned area.

Breaking these rules will result in removing the customer from the area.

Force majeure

In case of strike, fire, evacuation, power loss, technical failure or maintenance in our facilities, Flamingo Spa Oy can not be held responsible to compensate the lost service or product.