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Aqua Park Flamingo offers thrilling moments to all lovers of action- packed water games. Inside the water park, you will find different kinds of pools and slides, as well as our pool side restaurant, Spa Café, which is licensed to serve alcohol. In connection with the showers, there is also a Finnish sauna.

Come and experience our dizzying water slides or enjoy yourself relaxing in the summer-warm waters of our pools. There are happy, sunny moments to come every day of the year!

Our biggest pool is the Attraction Pool , where you can enjoy currents and bubble baths as you swim. The depth of the pool is 1.3 meters and the temperature a comfortable 32 degrees Celsius.

In the picture, you can also see the fantastically long, red and yellow Magic Maya -tube slide, in which you can experience the thrill of speed sliding seated on top of a rubber ring. The length of Magic Maya is about 152 meters and it ends in a 0.35 meter deep pool. The height difference adds up to a staggering 12 meters. The age limit for the slide is 8 years.


For all exercise enthusiasts we have the Sports Pool where you can do water gymnastics or play ball games. The depth of the pool is 1.3 meters and length is around 25 meters. The water temperature is 32 degrees Celsius.

Familiarize yourself with our diverse exercise selection here.

In the water park you can also find two Jacuzzis. In the Geysir Jacuzzi , equipped with comfortable water sofas, you can enjoy being massaged by bursts of air bubbles. As the name implies, the Jacuzzi spouts surges of warm water into the air at regular intervals. The depth of the Geysir is 0.95 meters and the temperature 32 degrees Celsius.

In addition to the Geysir Jacuzzi, there is also a large, regular Jacuzzi to luxuriate in. It is equipped with multiple water massage points where you can sprawl out and set aside your everyday concerns. The depth of the Jacuzzi is 0.95 meters and the temperature a comfortable 34 degrees Celsius.

The Children’s Pool is shallow and safe for the small ones in the family. To the children’s delight, the pool contains several toys and two slides where even the smallest ones can enjoy the excitement of speed. The depth of the pool is 0-0.3 meters and the temperature is 32 degrees Celsius.

Experience our rough-and-tumble Wild Stream – jump in the stream and let the current whisk you all the way to the Attraction Pool below. The Wild Stream is only suitable for those who can swim and has an age limit of 10 years. The length of the stream is approximately 63 meters and the height difference about 3 meters.

The Aqua Park also has the Upstream Pool , where you can swim against the current or let the stream take you. In the middle of the pool, there is a water massage point for the neck and shoulders. The depth of the pool is 1.3 meters and the water temperature 32 degrees Celsius. Note! The Upstream Pool is only suitable for those who can swim.


Familia is a slide suitable for everyone, it provides moments of jubilation for even the smallest in the family. The length of the slide is approximately 22 meters, and the height difference about 2.8 meters.

Inca Falls is a speedy, long, green three lane slide that you can enjoy sliding down with a friend or two. The age limit is 3 years.