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This is how we ensure a safe spa experience for you


Dear customer, this is how we ensure a safe spa experience for you:

  • Flamingo Spa is the largest spa in Finland. Here will you have enough space to swim safely.
  • Chlorinated water has been scientifically found not to spread viruses.
  • The number of visitors we take in per day is limited. This is done through booking or buying tickets in advance online.
  • Even if you want to pay at the reception or you already have a ticket, gift card, prepaid ticket, coupon, or you have paid for the entry to the spa through your hotel, we still encourage making a booking through our web store.
  • We have made changes to the way visitors are directed to use the dressing rooms and shower facilities to minimize contact with others.
  • We have invested into the hygiene and disinfection on our premises since the beginning. Both the pool water and surfaces are sampled regularly. Hygiene surveillance has been further enhanced in collaboration with our affiliates in sanitation.
  • Our staff has been trained in safe conduct in customer contacts.
  • We hope visitors pay attention to good hand hygiene. For this purpose, we have introduced disinfection units in our facilities.
If you feel ill at all, please postpone your visit.