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Welcome to be pampered in the Spa area for adults.

In the Spa, you can enjoy the relaxing warm water pool, the therapeutic mineral water pool, the six different saunas, the relaxation divans, and the treats at our pool side restaurant, Spa Café, which is licensed to serve alcohol.

In addition to all this, the adult spa has over 20 luxurious treatment rooms where you can savor our Spa-treatments or luxuriate in an oriental steam sauna together with a group of friends or your beloved.


Enjoy a glass of sparkling wine while relaxing in our 37 degree Celsius warm water pool and let your daily concerns be washed away.


Float in our nurturing mineral water pool and relax listening to underwater music. The water in this pool has a salt concentration of 2.5 %, which is nurturing for dry skin. In this pool, you will also find relaxing Jacuzzi beds that gently massage sore muscles. The water temperature is 34 degrees Celsius.

Enjoy the combination of pleasant warmth and natural herb aromas in our ambient steam saunas. Steam saunas reduce stress and tend to your aching muscles and joints. The temperature is about 50 degrees Celsius.

You can also enjoy the tar scented steam of our traditional Finnish sauna or the brilliancy of glimmering chandeliers in our new crystal sauna.


After enjoying the heat of our different saunas, we encourage you to take a refreshing ice shower to get your metabolism going. Then take a dip in the warm water pool and feel your blood begin to flow – your body and mind will thank you.

While visiting Flamingo Spa you can also attend a relaxing Sauna Yoga or Sauna Pilates class. Both classes are suitable for anyone who feels comfortable sauna bathing in moderate temperatures. After the class your mind will be at ease and your muscles will feel more elastic. It’s perfect especially for people working at a computer! The classes are arranged in our Bio-sauna, which has a higher percentage of humidity and a lower temperature of about 60 degrees Celsius than our traditional Finnish sauna.

You can ask more about the Sauna Yoga classes at our reception. Please note that the classes are held in Finnish.

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